AEC- #Weekly Reflections

Reflection (Week 1)

Q: Speak to someone who knows you for at least five years. How do they ‘identify’ you? Your thoughts?

My good friend identified me as an intelligent person who is also fun to play with but he claimed that my  best feature is that I am willing to help others. He even stated that I was a compassionate person. My thoughts? I sincerely feel touched by such kind words describing my personality. I would have never described myself in this way. I guess it’s all about perspective, how you look at yourself may not be how others look at you.

Reflection (Week 2)

#2 Take the quiz. Have your parents somehow influenced my character strengths How can I use my strengths to create the kind of society I wish to live in?

After completing the survey, I realized that I was unsure for a lot of the questions. Nevertheless, the quiz stated that my character strengths were:

  1. Humor
  2. Fairness
  3. Hope
  4. Perseverance
  5. Social Intelligence

Those were some of my strengths. I believe that my parents kind of influenced my character strength, especially the Social Intelligence. It means being aware of others’ and oneself’s feelings; knowing what makes other people tick. Ever since I was a young kid, my mother has been telling me not to do this and that in public, don’t do this or that when eating, do not say this or that to people. So, I guess it stuck with me throughout the years. I think I can use my strength of fairness (treating people equally without any bias). If I do that, hopefully others will follow my example and not treat anyone poorly just because of this and that. The kind of society I want to live in is where everyone is treated equally, we speak to each other equally, regardless of race and culture.

Reflection (Week 4)

Q: Refugee issues, what are your thoughts?

To be honest, why do people treat refugees like some kind of an outcast? It is ridiculous to me, refugees are being forced out of their own country due to civil war, natural disasters, etc. They have no place to stay, the least that the government could do for them is send them to any sheltered housing. What’s wrong with accepting them into the country? How are foreigners different from refugees? I mean, they migrate into the country either to work or make a living. Refugees are humans too, they need to be treated right.
Reference List:

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Reflection (Week 5)

Q: What is a “good” country to me? Do I consider Singapore a good country?

A “good” country. There are many ways to define a “good” country, such as healthcare, education, technology and job opportunities. But to me, the people living there makes up the country. Basically, I believe that good people makes a good country. Of course, there’s no perfect country, there are pros and cons to every single country in this planet. One of the countries I consider to be “good” is Japan.

I call Japan a “good” country because of the people there. In general, the Japanese are very polite and respectful. For instance when greeting, they bow down at a specific angle for a specific group age. Crazy right?

But what’s so special about this country that stands out from the rest is how the people are united as one, how they are able to achieve great things by working together.

Watch this video to see what I mean.

After watching the video, you can tell that the Japanese are really disciplined and understanding. It’s amazing how this small town is able to work together, every single person contributed to recycling their wastes. What did they achieved? ZERO WASTE!

I love how their people are so united, even when suffering natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis, they care and look out for each other, even if you don’t know the person at all. To conclude, I believe that “good” people makes the country “good”. To me, Japan is a truly beautiful country.



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2 thoughts on “AEC- #Weekly Reflections

  1. Hi Kenneth! I’m not sure how I can reply to a specific post- but looking at your blog entries, I would like to thank you for keeping them so neat and organised! In response to your first entry, I do agree that we are often our own harshest critics! I am not surprised that your friend mentioned that you are a compassionate person though. 🙂 Would also love to see more of your humour (as seen in your VIA Quiz result) in class! 😉


    1. Hi Ms Annette! Thank you so much for your kind compliment!! I’m planning to reorganize my #weekly reflections so that you may comment on specific blog posts. By the way, the VIA Quiz is not in order so I’m sorry if I do not live up what you expect ;(


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