AEC-RSAF Open House Reflection

Question: What are some background information you discovered as part of your planning for the visit?

I discovered that the RSAF open house was roughly the size of


jon stewart daily show boom mind blown mindblown

On a more serious note, I actually found out that it has been five whole years since the RSAF had an open house; since 2011 and that there would be “aircraft arming demonstrations, aerial displays , static exhibitions, performances by the army’s Red Lions Parachute Team, aircraft rides and more”(ChannelNewsAsia). They definitely did not disappoint, we had such a wonderful time there.


Question: Discuss in your opinion, some of the key issues related to this visit. 

One of the main problems, in my opinion, is the safety of the people in National Service(NS). I am 100% sure that injuries there is like catching a flu, it’s very common. I believe the well-being of the servicemen may not be as “safe and secured” as they promote it to be. It does not have to be limited to the RSAF, the NS in general. There are even stories of fatalities there. To be more accurate, over 80 fatalities confirmed from 1968-2012. This blog shows a full list of the deaths of NS men. Here is an interview of a poor mother who lost her son because of NS.

If the video is too small, click on the FB icon to go to the actual page.

Question: After this visit, what do you see as your role/responsibility as an individual to the community?

I strongly believe my responsibility as an individual is, to make sure that I am fit and mentally prepared for NS. If I can’t get myself to overcome challenges, there’s no point in going there. It will not be easy, it never will be, but I have to push through it and work hard so I will be ready to serve the country.



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