AEC-$5 Challenge

I tried to limit myself to spend just $5 in one day, and here is my experience

Where to start? I guess let’s start with breakfast, at around 5.50 am at my home, I wake up to prepare cereal, that’s pretty much what I ate for Breakfast. Skipping ahead to break time in school, which is about 2hr 3o min.

What I ate for lunch was….



The most common food you can find in any hawker centre in Singapore, the almighty Chicken Rice. I bought this chicken rice for $2.50 at Singapore’s Polytechnic’s Foodcourt 3. Absolutely enjoyed it. Lastly, I went back home for dinner as nothing beats a mum’s cooking. Okay, obviously, this challenge was an absolute failure for me. I consider home cooked meals as cheating.

So, I tried a different day, I still had to eat the cereal for Breakfast. As for lunch, I went to the same Chicken Rice shop. For dinner, I went over to FoodCourt 5 in Singapore Polytechnic to buy 2 peanut-flavored waflles.IMG_9254[1].JPG


Altogether, I spent $4.90 that day and I still ate cereal for breakfast. This gave me an easy conclusion, that it is not easy surviving with $5 a day in the most expensive country in the entire world. I think what this challenge is trying to teach us is to not take things for granted as not everyone has what you have. Some teenagers may have an allowance of $50 per day while others may have just $2 per day. I believe this $5 challenge proved to me that spending $5 a day is extremely difficult.


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