AEC-Global Voices

From the many amazing stories I’ve seen on the website, I’ve chosen this story.

‘Playing for Change’ Promotes Peace and Inclusion Around the World Through Music

To summarise this story, filmmaker, producer and creator of this movement, Mark Johnson was inspired by Subway performers to unite people from different backgrounds, cultures, religions and ethnicities through the power of music. What did he see during the subway performance? A monk playing an acoustic guitar and while the other singing in a language different from his. The people did not enter the train, they were all engrossed by the performance, some cried, some were smiling, but all were really in to the music. I highly recommend to check this story out and see the rest of it.

Here’s one of the videoes they posted, feel free to listen to this tune.

Why did I choose this story?

Well, I used to be in a symphonic band in my Secondary School as my Co-Curricular Activity (CCA). Everyone was given 3 choices of their CCA, I chose band as my last pick just because I did not have anything else to pick. I got that CCA anyways. What’s the point in telling this? I absolutely hated my first few weeks of playing my instrument, the Trombone because I just was not good at it. It looks something like this…

However, after practising like crazy, I slowly started to like what I’m doing. And I even began to enjoy the music that my band was playing together. Some of the pieces we played made me feel, sad, happy, motivated. I learnt how to feel music. After reading about this story, I felt humbled to know that there are people who wants to change the world by bringing musicians from around the world together.




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