AEC-Heritage Trail

Bollywood  Veggies


100 Neo Tiew Road,
Singapore 719026 (Kranji Countryside)

 In our free time, my friends and I went to this Singapore farm, 20140805_IvySinghLim_TNPBollywood Veggies. It launched all the way back in 2000 by founder Ivy Singh Lim, former president of Netball Singapore and her husband, Lim Ho Seng, former CEO of NTUC Fairprice. At first, they wanted to retire in Australia, but after their beloved friend Michael had passed away, they decided to retire in Singapore instead. They explored the Kranji Countryside after reading on a newspaper article about farming in Singapore. They liked the idea of starting a farm. Somehow, they managed to get 10 acres of land in Kranji and named it Bollywood Veggies. That’s pretty much how the farm was born. This organic farm is planet-friendly because they grow their plants without the use of pesticides,
fertilizers and chemicals.
How crazy is that?

IMG_9290[1]If you want to learn all about plants and how they are being grown in Singapore, this is definitely the place to go. For a small price, you can go for a guided farm tour, where you get to learn about the plants grown in Bollywood Veggies, touch smell and taste some vegetables and fruits which they have there. We noticed straight away that there were a lot of signs, a few are kind of……confusing?

IMG_9280[1]Regardless, we saw a lot of interesting plants there although, I did not take photos of most of them.


Aside from just learning about their plants, did you know that you can learn to cook there? IMG_9311[1]They have a culinary class there that teaches the visitors to cook with a specific theme like ‘healthy cooking’. That’s not all, right next to Bollywood Veggies is their very own restaurant! They call it the Poison Ivy. They serve starters like Bollywood Wings, Spring Rolls and Farm Fresh Salad. They even have a kids’ menu serving Fish & Chips and Chicken Spaghetti Bolognese. They seem to be famous for their banana bread, curry rice and omelette. Unfortunately we didn’t have the time to try out their food.
Bollywood Veggies is like a paradise, a peaceful place to take a breather or to escape fromPoison-Ivy-Cafe the busy city and just relax. However, all gIMG_9279[2]ood things eventually come to an end.

In case you couldn’t see what one of the signs said, on says “ Snake Den, Lookout for Pythons, Cobras and some politicians” One of my friends cleverly pointed out that the government might be shutting down the place for whatever reason which was why they put up that sign to mock politicians.
Well no matter the case, let’s see what the owner has to say about going Bollywood Veggies.


Bollywood Veggies





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