AEC-Made in Singapore

Local Inventions

This website shows 8 incredible Singapore Inventions. But, the one that stands out to me the most is…….

The Thumb Drive!
8 tech creations you didn't know originated from Singapore

Shocking isn’t it? Now, you might be thinking, no way that is possible, something that is being used by engineers, teachers, buisnessmen and more was originated from Singapore?! This phenomenal piece of device is indeed made by Trek Technology, which is a Singapore-based company. Trek Technology teamed up with IBM to sell the first ever 8MB USB Flash Drive.

Still don’t believe me? Research on this guy.

His name is Henn Tan aand he is the CEO of Trek 2000, the company who invented the thumb drive.

I would have never expected such a technology breakthrough to be invented by a Singaporean. This really shows how amazing Singapore can be!



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