AEC-Unusual Occupations


What does an ‘unusual occupation’ mean to me? For starters, anything that has to do with doctors, teachers, engineers and popular jobs are all usual jobs. How do I define ‘unusual’? To me, an ‘unusual’ job is a job that requires a really, really specific set of skills. Skills that cannot be picked up from a typical school in Singapore. Basically, people earning money for doing things that are bizarre.

What do I mean? Here are some examples of the jobs that I consider unusual

golf ball diver

A Golf Ball Diver, basically this person has to search for lost golf balls around the golf course, be it in the waters or bush, this person has to collect it. golf ball divers collect around 2000-5000 golf balls daily.

Another unusual job is an Odour Judge

odour judge

Yes, that photo describes it all. These so called judges sniff other peoples’ armpits in order to test if a deodorant works on the client. Pretty bizarre right? Thankfully, no one in Singapore is doing something like this.

Here is one unusual job I found in Singapore…A Food Stylist.

 Meet Angela Chia a Singaporean and she is a food stylist. What does a food stylist do? Well, they pretty much arrange food in a way so that they look tasty and fresh……To think that people earn money from doing this really makes me question, “What’s the point in studying?”

Just kidding;) Since I love food, and this unusual occupation is all about presenting food, I do not mind styling food.



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