AEC-Worker Writers

This is not a winning poem, but it’s my favorite

The poem was written by Rolina O. Espanola. She’s a Filipina domestic worker who’s been working for 4 years now. Her poem is mainly for her young daughter, giving a message for all the missed events while working here in Singapore, events like her daughter’s birthday and others.

The poem, “My Wish” is as goes…

I wish to see you blow those candles each year

To be a part of the crowd who sing and cheer

 I wish to be on that stage every school end

To see those beaming smile when medals and ribbons pinned

I wish to give you bathe, dress up and tie your hair

To hold your hand and walk to school

and be glad if you say its my mom standing there

I wish to hug you every time you come home crying

To make your milk and on the light if your dreaming

But more than that I wish to be a good mother

And the fact that I can’t be if I have to stay there

So here I am going far from you

And wish someday you’ll understand what did I do

To work abroad is the only decent act I know

To support your education and give a better tomorrow

Those are simple wishes that can easily be granted

But the reality I have to stay here though going home is what I wanted.

I know this is not a winning poem but I really like this poem compared to the rest because it really shows how sometimes people have to choose between work and family. It is a sad poem I know, but I can tell that this mother put her feelings into this poem, she expressed her hardships, her regrets, sadness into this poem. Even though she has these negative feelings, she still continues to work because she is doing it all for her daughter and family.



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